On Load Tap Changers courses

PENCO can provide comprehensive training course about transformer issues specially about On-load tap changers. Our engineers with extensive experience have been trained in different OLTCs manufacturers.

The training program will cover:

·         Tap changer introduction

·         Tap changer components

·         On load tap changer OLTC & De-energized tap changers DETC

·          Types of voltage regulation (Linear, reversing and coarse /fine regulation)

·         The Jansen principle

·         Detailed components and connections of tap changers

·          Tap changers installed in KE network (Oil type and Vacuum type)

·          Main components of oil type tap changers and its working

·         Maintenance of oil type tap changers and RCFA

·         Main components of vacuum type tap changers and its working

·         Maintenance of vacuum type tap changers and RCFA

·         Tap Changer protective devices

·          Motor drive unit MDU introduction

·         Motor drive unit components, drive mechanism control and drive mechanism working

·         Maintenance of motor drive unit and RCFA

 Download: Tap changer comprehensive training course content

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