Depending on the size of the unit and on the transport conditions, the transformer may be dispatched completely or partly assembled. Larger transformers have to be dispatched with bushings, a conservator and cooling equipment and all minor accessories have to be disassembled. 

Many transformers have to be transported without oil and are filled with dry-air. The transformer oil is transported in specially treated barrels or by tanker. The weight and size of large transformers require careful planning and preparation for transport and installation.  

Our experienced team has installed hundreds of transformersnd kept The Iservices, Delivering The Reliable Power You Need

Penco Service has the capability and equipment to completely assemble and install your transformers, whether manufactured.

Penco Service can also dissemble units that may need to be removed    

A wide range of tests can also be performed to verify that your transformer is ready for service: 

Electrical tests

  • Power factor Test of Windings and Bushings
  • Winding Resistance( static and dynamic)
  • TTR(Transformer Turn Ratio)
  • Core Resistance 
  • Sweep Frequency Resone Analysis( SFRA)
  • Dielectric Frequency Response (DFR)
  • Winding Excitation Current
  • Operational Check of Protection and Control Devices
  • CT( Current Transformer)Ratio, polarity ans Saturation( Knee Point)

  Oil Tests:

  • Oil General Chemistry
  • DGA (Dissolved Gss Analysis)
  • Furfural Analysis


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